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Tracking Handbook - signed by Perry McGee




The Tracking Handbook was written and compiled by Eddie and Perry McGee. The book demonstrates how to track humans, animals and vehicles in an easy to read way, covering many aspects of tracking. It contains information useful to law enforcement and the military. This book is also recommended reading for Perry's 3 day Basic Tracking Awareness course or his one to one master classes.


Book Description

If you want to learn basic tracking concepts and methods, this is just the book you need. It explains human and animal tracking skills in an easy to follow manner, and includes information based on Perry's 30 years police experience. It will appeal to those in law enforcement, including scenes of crime, and the military. It includes what to do when you lose the track and how to follow a trail.


This book contains plenty of information not found in other tracking books. Both Eddie and Perry McGee are recognised as some of the world's leading experts on tracking and survival. Eddie McGee's first book, "No Need To Die" was regarded as the "Bible for survival" and Eddie, himself a former British Army Paratrooper, taught tracking skills to the best the world over. Now his son is taking up the mantle and combining his father's knowledge with his own specialist experience. Perry was lucky enough to attend hundreds of tracking scenarios with his father and has combined this knowledge with specialist knowledge and experience gained from 30 years in the police force, most of this spent as a detective. Perry has 40 years experience in the survival industry and has worked with law enforcement, the military and people from all aspects of life. He has adapted this book for everyone from beginners to experts, from those simply interested in the outdoors to professionals wishing to hone their skills.

Original Tracking Handbook

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