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I was immediately impressed how Perry communicated with me. He couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

Perry’s extensive background in sign awareness, survival techniques and specialist law enforcement clearly shows his no BS approach to training which is very refreshing.

The course was packed with practical exercises, fascinating insights and constant encouragement. Perry really did go the extra mile to make sure I got the most out of the training. I can’t wait to come back for more! Without doubt Perry is at the forefront of this field and I’m proud to say I’ve been lucky enough to train with him.

I was also fortunate enough to obtain a copy of Perry’s new Essential Tracking Handbook. I have not put this book down since returning to London. With all the websites and publications I’ve now ingested the information contained within it and it clearly sits head and shoulders above the rest and it is now my “bible” as I’m sure it will be to any current or aspiring trackers or sign awareness operatives. Perry left me under no illusion, that sign awareness is a skill that requires practice and patience and I feel like he has provided me with a solid foundation to work on. I can’t wait to work with Perry again in the future and continue to learn more about this most fascinating skill.

Specialist Law Enforcement Operative - London

Seldom in life do you meet two people, at the same time, with the wealth of enthusiasm, knowledge and skill, as Perry McGee and Jamie McGregor. These guys are amazing and can easily hold a rooms attention for hours. I am in awe of Perry every time I meet him and feel privileged to have spent time on one of his courses. If you are interested in the great outdoors; and if you’re not particularly interested in tracking - you need to meet this man and learn from him. He has to be every outdoor professional dream expedition partner. Perry and Jamie make a formidable pairing heading up the UK’s National Tracking School. If you don’t believe me book onto an NTS course and see for yourself!

Joss Presland MBA PgDip - Deputy Chairman / Search Manger

Staffordshire Search and Rescue Team

Hi there, I have been lucky to have had a couple of courses with Perry now and I feel that I must leave a short message. Having been in the security business for many years, I just wish that I had met Perry earlier. His teachings of tracking and survival skills are simply the very best out there! So, thank you Perry - I can’t wait for the next one mate.  

Paul...Security Operative

From my perspective (and that of all others that I spoke to before I left the university)  the session was great. The two hours covered a lot and the balance was spot on. It was entertaining as well as being informative and left people with a desire to go and find out more - either through further events, practice or research.

Professor Wesley Vernon OBE Head of Podiatry Services and Research Lead

"Good afternoon Perry, I wanted to personally thank you for your involvement with SSART over the weekend; it was such a shame the call out came when it did but as you appreciate the Misper comes first. The feedback I've had from the guys who were on the training with you has been fantastic - they've all spoken extremely highly of you and your colleagues and can't wait to get stuck into more in the future.  I have no doubt that we will be working together again in the future.


Although I wasn't available to attend the training, I was obviously able to see the impact from the live search and have to say I would thoroughly encourage all my Team members to study tracking techniques to enhance their own searcher skills.


Thanks once again Perry, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again in the not too distant future."


You spent a day giving basic tracking awareness to a team.  The day began with an understanding of some basic principles and concepts and then moved on to practical application.  Your relaxed style put everyone at their ease and good use was made of humour throughout.  This ensured everyone got the most benefit out of the experience and came away with  a good working knowledge of the principals and had a chance to apply them.  It is testament to the quality of the day that by its end the team successfully followed a trail that was nine hours old and had been subjected to heavy rain.  Confidence and competence in skills was high with one member simply describing what he had learned as ‘awesome’.  I believe this is an essential skill for those involved in crime detection and searching for people. 

Steven Hockin UK Police Chief Superintendent

Eddie McGee and I were best friends in the army and his tracking skills were legendary. Perry has learned from Eddie and myself and has picked up Eddie’s mantle. Perry has now become legendary. To this end his own skills now excel far beyond ours – Great work – Great skills – Great  reward

John Pace Ex 22 SAS

Perry and his team make you most welcome and are right at the top of their feild. The wealth of knowledge and passion for tracking is unmatched. The art of tracking is complex and we only scratched the surface, but Perry was always willing to go into detail again and again but you have to be awake as it is full on, at every opportunity he is willing to pass on his skills. If you want to do tracking and learn from the best then go with Perry and his team. it is worth every penny, lots of fun and very informative, can't wait until I can get on a full 3-5 day course.

Bob Keens Group Scout Leader

Many of the guys, myself included have been on other tracking and survival courses in the past. The training we received from you over the past three days, covered more than a week on other tracking courses. Thanks again for the training! Oct 2011 ...


Hi Perry, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise with us yesterday. Your enthusiasm, expertise, humour and natural teaching ability made the session hugely enjoyable as well as educational. My only advice would be don't change anything.

Jeremy Walker Deputy Head of Podiatry Services

I recently completed a three day awareness course with Perry at the National Tracking School in Yorkshire. I am new to the field of tracking and was unsure of what to expect. This course was excellent. Perry is not only a world leader in tracking and survival but a first class teacher with endless patience. He offered me  one to one training at rock bottom price and inspired me to go for the advanced course. Everything is thoroughly explained and demonstrated with a chance to put into practice wast you have learnt. There are many training programmes about but this one is one of the best and i cant recommend it more highly.

Peter Bull MBE

Hi Perry,  just a short note to say a big thank you for the weekend of training. It was a great weekend, exceptionally informative and all those present said it was one of the best courses they had attended since joining SSART. I am sure when the experience of the weekend filters down to the troops you will be getting another request to come down.


Hi Perry 
I would just like to thank you for an absolutely fantastic weekend we have just had with you at your  National tracking school.  The content of the weekend and the professional manner in which it was delivered was second to none. Your hospitality and time has been much appreciated ,and to summarise you has given us a real  taste to develop more of our skills and pass that knowledge on. I'm looking forward to getting  booked on the advanced course and hope to see you in the near future for a welfare check ! It's been a pleasure.

Chris Webster (Army Cadet Force instructor)

Dear Perry,
I cannot express my gratitude enough for the recent weekend tracking training. Your hospitality throughout the weekend was truly exceptional, as was the delivery of the bespoke tailored course that you put together for us. The course content, activities and the professional manner in which they were executed have left us both blown away and will be the topic of many conversations until we return for the advanced course. The new skills we have acquired are being used on a daily basis and I endeavour to develop them further. It was an absolute pleasure in meeting you and spending time in your company has certainly opened my eyes.

Mark Rowe (Army Cadet force instructor)

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