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About Us

The National Tracking School in its original format was created in the 1970's by Perry's well known and respected father, Eddie McGee.  Perry has developed and enhanced the NTS adding a new dimension with the experience he gained in a long career as a police detective working in many specialised police units, including covert and counter-terrorism work. Now, Perry McGee's National Tracking School specialises in covert and urban tracking and offers highly technical courses for military and law enforcement personal. Perry also has a keen interest and extensive knowledge in search and rescue and is proud to support the Scouting and Girl Guides movements.


Having learnt the crafts of tracking and survival from his world renowned father, Perry is enthusiastic about sharing his specialist knowledge and skills with others in a straight forward and generous way.  He has travelled world wide honing his tracking and survivals skills and is an avid naturalist and animal welfare supporter.  Perry has a unique and engaging style and an impressive pedigree. He has written the Tracking Handbook and The Essential Tracking Handbook and is currently writing more in the series as well as working on other creative projects.  


About Eddie

Eddie was the one of the founders of the survival and tracking industry as we know it today. He had a distinguished military career and took part in many operations which necessitated highly developed survival skills. He was also instrumental in tracking subjects in high profile police investigations, including the search for multiple killer, Barry Peter Edwards (Prudom). Eddie was a prolific author of survival and tracking books and presented long running television series.  Perhaps the most famous of his many widely read books is No Need to Die.

We strive to always provide advice and quality, by employing only qualified and experienced associates in our outdoor searching and survival training. With over 45 years of experience of military and law enforcement history, we are proud of our history and have the credentials to prove it.


MEDIA AND PRESS –  Perry has worked with a number of media and press teams, including the BBC and Sky News.  He has spoken on the radio and consulted on high profile man hunts. To make contact please email 

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