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Join Perry and the NTS team now!

Learn the fascinating skills and techniques of tracking, searching or sign awareness.  


We specialise in providing training, research and product development.


We operate within recognised accreditations, allowing our customers to hone, practice and develop their skills and techniques that can be utilised throughout the world. 

Purchase the new ESSENTIAL TRACKING HANDBOOK and official training handbook for the National Tracking School

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Welcome to Perry McGee’s National Tracking School

Perry's aim is simple: to make the fascinating and rewarding skills and techniques of animal/human tracking (sign awareness) available to everyone in a simple and instructive way.  We believe that we are the only tracking school to offer such a diverse choice of specialised products, consultancy advice and multi-level courses, delivered either here in Yorkshire or wherever you live.   Perry has honed his tracking and survival expertise over the last 40 years and, through his products and courses, you can benefit from his specialist knowledge which is enhanced by his long career as a police detective.  Perry has channelled everything he has learnt into tried and tested learning pathways that can be tailored to your needs.  Whether you are a newcomer to the art of tracking or simply want to develop your own skills, the National Tracking School is a one stop shop offering access to a real master of his craft.

Perry is committed to delivering professional advice and instruction and draws on real life events and experiences in his police career to create some of the most in depth and unrivalled instruction you will find.

The Search and Tracking Training Company

The National Tracking School and its associates are also committed to endeavor delivery of professional qualified advice and instruction, based or real life events and experiences and will always respect the rights of privacy of those involved.

Perry is proud of his heritage and the company he has built, and together with his associates, looks forward to taking you on a journey of learning and personal development.


HOT BRIEF: The Tracking Book Range

Now available is the first in a remarkable and truly informative series of Perry McGee’s tracking books. Beginning with the Essential Tracking Handbook, the series will deliver an in depth journey into the fascinating world of tracking (sign awareness), all written in Perry's informal and engaging style.  A sequel will be the Definitive Tracking Handbook and anyone with an interest in outdoor pursuits will benefit from the tracking skills and techniques that this series will educate and expand upon.  Illustrated by Perry and featuring hundreds of his own photos and diagrams, you will learn how to become aware of "signs" and how to interpret them.  Even if you are an experienced tracker, Perry is bound to surprise you with his depth of knowledge, hints and tips; encouraging you to learn new skills and develop your interest and ability. Click here for more info

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