Perry McGee's National Tracking School Courses

All Tracking and Survival courses are delivered in North Yorkshire, but subject to standard considerations and within reason, can be provided anywhere in the UK or Overseas. Let us know your requirements and we will do everything we can to assist. Contact us for more details about any courses and to BOOK.
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 We offer a range of courses, click on the training sections below for specific Tracking and Survival course information.

Professional Instruction and Advisors

The National Tracking School is a specialised training company, operating whever the requirement is necessary. Trained operatives have been developed from a variety of diverse backgrounds and use conventional or technical investigative techniques. Human pursuit, or close subject reconnaissance, using variations of these skills, to identify sublime signs left in medium, terrain or topography, all of which can help identify vital characteristics about the subject.  

In addition, modern situations now require up to date applications, and many NTS trained operatives are now proficient in forensic exploitative techniques culminating with the NTS accruing an impressive list of associates from throughout the world. The NTS also recognises the need for change and some operatives are trained in the use of cyber technology, which when combined with conventional techniques, provide the modern investigator with a useful skillset.
The NTS also offers a unique range of services including a response and advice line and role specific training.
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All bookings are subject to booking conditions.  All course participants must have a good level of fitness (a high level may be required for some tracking courses) and be of good health or be certified by a doctor that they are fit to participate.  All courses are based in North Yorkshire, but are portable within the UK or overseas within reason and subject to standard conditions.  Please contact us and discuss your needs.