The National Tracking School takes its name from the original tracking and survival school founded by Perry’s father, the legendary Eddie McGee. Eddie was recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on survival and tracking and is considered by many to be the one of the fore fathers of the industry. 

A former British paratrooper, diver and physical training instructor, Eddie was a career soldier and ran British Army survival courses before establishing the successful National Tracking and Survival school in North Yorkshire.

During his Army career, Eddie was involved in expeditionary and survival training deployments throughout the world and until his untimely death in 2002, was still in great demand. Latterly, Eddie took part as an active member of specialist survival and adventure training, including many expeditions such as the Zaire River Expedition led by the legendary explorer Colonel John Blashford -Snell obe mbe dsc(hon) deng(hc) frsgs.  Eddie also undertook solo trips across deserts and jungle terrain, enhancing his skills and returning to pass his knowledge to others, including his son, Perry, who worked with him at the tracking and survival school.

Eddie’s travels, lectures, courses and unique personality soon interested the media, and long before more current survival programmes, Eddie was involved in several television programmes and appearances including, Stay Alive with Eddie McGee, Stay Safe and Fighting Back.  The former was  first transmitted  in 1979 when a group of children aged  11 – 16 years experienced the fascinating world of survival training.  These programmes, and others, are presently being prepared by the National Tracking School for re-release soon, please keep an eye on our Forthcoming Events for details or contact us

Throughout a distinguished tracking and survival career, Eddie received many awards and commendations and in 1982 he received an award for tracking down triple killer Barry Peter Edwards @ Prudham.  Edwards was eventually tracked by Eddie having left a trail of violent murder in what was the biggest ever man hunt in British history. The event has been the subject of various television programmes and documentaries.

It is no surprise that from a very early age, Perry began to literally follow in his father’s footsteps and tracking and survival became a way of life. Over his formative years, Perry went on nearly every survival course and events held by his father and rapidly picked up and zoned in on his skills.  Leaving home at 16 years, Perry joined the Metropolitan Police as a cadet and began a 32 year career in specialised criminal investigation, utilising his survival and tracking skills and throughout his time with the police, his unique talents were used in all aspects of criminal investigation as well as property and animal welfare protection.  Perry also assisted his father with the running and delivery of courses and events.  Today, Perry’s skills are available not only for the benefit of law enforcement and the military, but for everyone- young and old - to enjoy, learn and experience.  He has incorporated his talent and ability in tracking and survival into his business, including his unique experience in urban and rural tracking skills, which draw on his police background as a detective.  Through his National Tracking School, Perry is making these interesting skills accessible to all, and the courses and events he runs are portable within the UK and overseas. See the various courses on offer here.

Eddie McGee was also involved in charitable work and organised many trips overseas for children with disabilities. Operation Crocodile allowed selected children and their carers to visit faraway places such as Kenya and Morocco. The National Tracking School continues this work and is presently organising and fund raising for another such trip, this time named The Ships of the Desert which will allow children to take part in a series of weekend tracking and survival exercises and, after passing selection, they will be flown to Central Australia where they will cross a desert and a series of billabongs on camel back whilst living and ‘surviving’ in the outdoors ably assisted by Perry and a very experienced, enthusiastic team. For details of how to get involved or sponsor the event, please feel to contact us

Those that know Perry know that he is enthusiastic about all aspects of tracking and survival and believes that everyone should be able to access and use these skills.  His unique manner and style of teaching make understanding the subject so much easier. The National Tracking School exists to assist others learn the skills and techniques of tracking and survival, and our mission is to help others learn in a safe, enjoyable way.

Over the years Eddie and Perry have written several tracking and survival books.  See our Store for details or contact us to get involved in survival and tracking and for more information.

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