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Perry McGee brings over 40 years of tried and tested experience to his National Tracking School, and provides training in all aspects of tracking and survival in a safe, enjoyable way. 

All courses are delivered in North Yorkshire, but subject to standard considerations and within reason, can be provided anywhere in the UK or Overseas. Let us know your requirements and we will do everything we can to assist.Contact us for more details about any courses and to BOOK.



Please contact us for pricing information and if you have an questions, we are continually adding new dates and will happily tailor courses for groups and individuals.

What kit do I need?

Please contact us for a Kit list and Booking form. Some of the kit can be provided so don't worry if you do not have everything. Contact us if you have any queries.


Student/Staff Ratio on all Training courses and events: 4-1


Designed to be a fun learning day, corporate clients can be assured of a unique and eventful set of exercises and scenarios which teach basic tracking and survival skills in a challenging, friendly.  A fast moving day which offers a unique experience for your corporate event.  Team building has never been like this!  The day is based in North Yorkshire, but has been designed to be portable and can be delivered anywhere in the UK within reason and subject to standard considerations.  It can be centred around rural or urban locations and includes interactive, dynamic assessment. All tracking/survival equipment is provided.  Ever wanted to track down your work associates or learn how to survive with them – now’s your chance! Guaranteed to make teams bond, challenging and friendly, this one day event can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Packed lunch is included. Please contact us to discuss the options and to book.



ONE NIGHT – how about tracking your associates through woodland at night or even through a city? Designed by Perry, experience all the thrills of covert tracking by night as well as a few audible and visual ‘surprises’ as you track and pursue in outdoor  terrain whilst being tracked yourself. The aim of the game is to return to base without being seen. Includes use of all covert tracking equipment and devices and has dynamic assessment.  On site, meals are included.  Tented accommodation is provided.  Within reason and subject to standard considerations, can be delivered anywhere in the UK.  Contact us for details and to book.

WEEKEND – test yourself as you ‘survive’ a weekend tracking/survival experience. Learn from Perry how to stay hidden as you take part in tracking exercises. Tailored to your specific requirements, this exciting weekend course will test personal skills and abilities whilst offering continual assessment on the ability to survive and track down your opponent. Increasing and ever changing circumstances will be added as you learn in a safe enjoyable, and often hilarious human tracking scenarios.  On site, all rations included.  Tented accommodation and survival equipment is supplied. Within reason and subject to standard considerations, can be delivered anywhere in the UK.  Contact us for details and to book.

WEEK - INNER CITY – Urban Tracking is a speciality of the National Tracking School. Join Perry as you track through an urban environment and learn how the ancient skills of tracking can be adapted for modern use. Escape from a tracking team if you dare (!), as you evade capture and ‘penalty’ through this week long exercise. Dependant on the location, you will be quickly submerged into the fascinating world of undercover urban tracking skills as Perry’s unique experience is drawn on to impart a wealth of knowledge.  You will be expected to interact and keep to strict time limits.  An enjoyable, yet demanding experience in an inner city environment will require you to use interactive tracking skills against corporate associates and a tracking team culminating in a final exercise based on a real life incident.  Your urban tracking techniques, as well as investigative skills, will be assessed along with leadership assessment.  Expect a few  ‘surprises’ as well as deliberate hiccups designed to put you to the test.  Are you good enough to take the challenge? Course is designed to be portable and can be delivered anywhere in the UK or overseas within reason and subject to standard considerations. Contact us for more details and to book.

WEEK - RURAL/DESERT/ARCTIC/SEA/ISLAND - For that really special corporate event imagine tracking and survival on an island or in the desert riding camels. How about tracking Leopards in Africa.  The National Tracking School has access to certain Islands and property worldwide specifically selected as training areas for corporate clients. Never seen before exercises and training allow the corporate client to escape from the normal surroundings and learn how to survive and track a route back to safety. The course is an interactive learning experience designed to bring out the best in everyone and increase personal survival skills and gaols. Not for the faint hearted it will include a strict ratio of qualified instructor who will be on hand as you travel from a safe environment into a challenge.  The corporate clients will learn form the best in the business and hopefully enhance personal skills whilst surviving in the wilds. By design the course is designed to be mobile and can include differing survival terrain such as the desert or arctic. For that special corporate week where the client will be tested to the maximum in a safe and enjoyable environment contact us here at the NTS.