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Perry McGee's National Tracking School


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Get involved in a tracking weekend....

Are you a Cub, Brownie, Guide, Scout or youth leader, or a charity group worker, and are you interested in learning tracking skills and basic bushcraft?  If so, why not join us in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for an enjoyable tracking and bushcraft course specifically designed for leaders like you? You will learn first hand from one of the best in the business, Perry McGee, and enjoy a fun weekend learning and developing basic tracking and survival skills to pass on to your group. The two day course will include a variety of exercises and games exclusively designed by Perry to enable you to hone your skills and knowledge, whilst having fun with other colleagues.
Arrive individually, or as a group, along with your camping or bushcraft kit and join in the sessions that will be personally delivered by Perry.
Our special price is for youth leaders like you and is only £45.00 per person per day.  Places are on a first come first served basis and are restricted to a minimum of four and a maximum of 12 per group per day. The price includes personal tuition from Perry, all activities and exercises and camping site.  To reserve a place or make enquires please contact us at  All course participants are entitled to 50% off the Basic Tracking Handbook.

The original No Need To Die written and illustrated by Eddie McGee was first published in 1977 and is for many still one of those iconic survival books. As the survival movement really picked up momentum in the eighties the book sat alongside many other great books including the SAS Survival Handbook (1986) by Lofty Wiseman.

The late Eddie McGee a former paratrooper and army survival guru was one of the first leading exponents of bushcraft and survival, his legendary skills were adapted through remote expeditions around the world.

Along with training the military, Eddie regularly appeared on television with his own survival series and was the founder of the first National Survival and Tracking School where students from all walks of life ranging from air hostesses to celebrities would learn and enjoy the skills of bushcraft and survival training.

Perry McGee, son of the late Eddie McGee and no stranger to the wilds himself, has literally followed in his father’s footsteps and with over forty years experience in survival, tracking, training and leadership, now provides us with a unique chance to learn from their joint experiences.

Perry loves teaching his skills and willingly assists others where possible, especially the young. A talented specialist tracker he is the founder of the National Tracking School and author of a number of books including The Tracking Handbook.



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The URBAN TRACKING CHALLENGE MAN HUNT - two challengers from the Daily Telegraph and Men's Fitness magazine took part in a manhunt, across the city of London. NTS tracking units tracked the challengers across the city to five locations. Without compromising their positions they used surveillance and tracking techniques to obtain evidence of their positions, in an urban tracking scenario. The challenge was organised to promote Discovery Channel's new series Manhunt, which follows Navy SEAL through treacherous terrain with nothing but a basic survival kit and canteen of water as he attempts to evade capture in 48-hours or less, pitting Joel Lambert against the world's most elite military and law enforcement tracking teams. Two challengers, Jake Wallis Simons (Daily Telegraph) and Max Anderton (Mens Fitness), took part in this escape and evasion taster event with the National Tracking School.






Much like the show the challengers had limited resources and had to use tactics in an effort to evade the National Tracking School Operatives. The challenge is part of our Urban Tracking course which teaches escape and evasion, survival and advanced tracking techniques on a 1 day, 3 day or 5 day challenge. The course is open to individuals, organisations, groups and professionals. Try evading a tracking team using anti-tracking, escape and evasion, survival techniques and much more. If you have the skills and seek an ultimate adventure, click here to learn more.

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The National Tracking School, founded by Perry McGee, offers a diverse range of professional tracking and survival services, courses, products and professional consultancy. With over 40 years experience in tracking and the survival industry, Perry, a former police detective for 30 years, literally follows in the footsteps of his legendary father, Eddie McGee, and now offers everyone a chance to learn the skills and techniques of this fascinating subject. Perry’s expertise is in demand worldwide and he can call upon a close team of tracking advisors, all trained by him. The National Tracking School has connections with a wide network of law enforcement and other agencies, including the military.
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Further publications on the subject of Survival and Tracking including the Advanced Tracking Handbook by Perry McGee and Jamie McGregor. Perry has spent the last 5 years updating, enhancing and researching additions to one of his father’s famous survival books, No Need To Die. Perry has drawn on his knowledge and experience from 30 years in the police force, including many years involved in surveillance. He frequently put his tracking skills to use in police work with great success and he has been able to add a unique perspective to his books.  His new publications feature additional content covering current survival and tracking methods. The books have been designed as a ready reference to save lives and are a must for anyone with an interest in the outdoors, from the occasional camper to the serious survivor/tracker.
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The National Tracking School recognises younger trackers, and watch out on this website for a NEW and EXCLUSIVE section featuring games with Eddie and Perry’s cartoon character Survival Sam. With Survival Sam's Monthly Adventure Comic, ‘junior trackers’ will receive plenty of helpful tips & advice. Also included will be competitions, family games, tips and tricks, sound tracking and much more.

Also coming soon is the Competitions Page, where you can interact in a survival and tracking scenario and have chance to win a FREE PLACE on either a one day –one to one with Perry or a 3 day Basic Tracking Awareness Course.Are you good enough to take the challenge?

New Gallery section with photos from National Tracking School training courses and events.

Media - Perry has already worked with the BBC and Sky News in connection with high profile cases.  His skills and advice are available to TV production companies.  Please contact us for more information.


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