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Professional Instruction and Advisors
The National Tracking School is a specialised training company, operating wherever the requirement is necessary. Trained operatives have been developed from a variety of diverse backgrounds and use conventional or technical investigative techniques. Human pursuit, or close subject reconnaissance, using variations of these skills, to identify sublime signs left in medium, terrain or topography, all of which can help identify vital characteristics about the subject.  
In addition, modern situations now require up to date applications, and many NTS trained operatives are now proficient in forensic exploitative techniques culminating with the NTS accruing an impressive list of associates from throughout the world. The NTS also recognises the need for change and some operatives are trained in the use of cyber technology, which when combined with conventional techniques, provide the modern investigator with a useful skillset.
The NTS also offers a unique range of services including a response and advice line and role specific training.


Perry McGee brings over 40 years of tried and tested experience to his National Tracking School, and provides training in all aspects of tracking and survival in a safe, enjoyable way.

All courses are delivered in North Yorkshire, but subject to standard considerations and within reason, can be provided anywhere in the UK or Overseas. Let us know your requirements and we will do everything we can to assist. Contact us for more details about any courses and to CLICK HERE TO BOOK.



Please contact us for pricing information and if you have an questions, we are continually adding new dates and will happily tailor courses for groups and individuals.

What kit do I need?

Please contact us for a Kit list and Booking form. Some of the kit can be provided so don't worry if you do not have everything. Contact us if you have any queries.



Student/Staff Ratio on all Training courses and events: 4-1


This is a must for anyone going backpacking and globe trotting. These one day courses are designed to cover the essential skills and principles to keep you safe when travelling abroad. Learn skills and techniques to aid your survival if you become lost or stranded in an urban or wilderness environment. Key Tracking and Survival priorities, shelters, signalling, natural navigation, urban safety, emergency survival, planning and pre-travel preparation. Also learn how to make your own survival matchbox. All equipment and, on site, meals are provided. Can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Perry and his team are fully vetted. Contact us for more information and to book.

Perry recently worked with the BBC News as a Survival Advisor on the Sam Woodhead story (Missing backpacker Sam Woodhead got lost in the Outback for three days) This type of scenario in not uncommon and anyone travelling to a foreign country should consider taking some training to ensure they have the knowledge to assist in a survival situaton or allow you to make key decisions and pre-travel planning.


Student/Staff Ratio on all Training courses and events: 4-1


This is a must for any guardian. Camp out for the weekend and learn tracking and survival skills with your child or children, or book for the whole family! The course includes basic survival fire preparation as well as food (rabbit and fish) preparation and includes basic herbal recognition as well as basic tracking skills. All equipment and, on site, meals are provided, but you may wish to make a bivvy camp and watch the stars…  Get back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors with your child or children.  Strictly no computers! Based in North Yorkshire, but can be portable within the UK upon request. Perry is fully vetted Contact us for more information and to book.


CHILDREN AND ACTIVITY GROUPS (including Scouts/Guides/Beavers/Brownies)

Children are very important to the National Tracking School and providing tracking events and activities for them are foremost in our mission. Dependant on the age and size of the groups, children’s tracking events can be delivered inside or outside and are great, fun way of introducing nature to children. These events include equipment, ‘parachute’ games and other games and exercises and can be tailored to your own requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to book that special children’s event.  Perry has already worked with a number of Scout groups up and down the country and is fully vetted.



Learn how to track animals in the safety of a professional tracker and sample just a few of the secrets of tracking animals. Follow a tracker through a trail using all your natural senses as you interact with nature. There are usually a few surprises and rewards for those potential tracking experts.  Contact us for more information.



Perry is very keen to promote tracking through any Scouting organisation and his  courses and events have been specially designed to suit all ages. The events include advice, games and exercises and normally take place at an annual camp or meeting. Can be tailored to your needs and usually end with a tracking exercise and test. Perry has already worked with a number of Scout groups up and down the country and is fully vetted.



Close to Perry’s heart are all the military cadets out there and, in particular, all the hard work and effort that their instructors undergo and provide. To this end, the National Tracking School has prepared specific courses and events designed to suit the specific purpose of the military. Basic Tracking/Survival Awareness Days and Weekends are on offer with subjects such as ground awareness tracking and man tracking skills. All equipment is provided. A must for anyone considering joining the services. Contact us for more information.