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Professional Instruction and Advisors
The National Tracking School is a specialised training company, operating wherever the requirement is necessary. Trained operatives have been developed from a variety of diverse backgrounds and use conventional or technical investigative techniques. Human pursuit, or close subject reconnaissance, using variations of these skills, to identify sublime signs left in medium, terrain or topography, all of which can help identify vital characteristics about the subject.  
In addition, modern situations now require up to date applications, and many NTS trained operatives are now proficient in forensic exploitative techniques culminating with the NTS accruing an impressive list of associates from throughout the world. The NTS also recognises the need for change and some operatives are trained in the use of cyber technology, which when combined with conventional techniques, provide the modern investigator with a useful skillset.
The NTS also offers a unique range of services including a response and advice line and role specific training.


Perry McGee brings over 40 years of tried and tested experience to his National Tracking School, and provides training in all aspects of tracking and survival in a safe, enjoyable way.

All courses are delivered in North Yorkshire, but subject to standard considerations and within reason, can be provided anywhere in the UK or Overseas. Let us know your requirements and we will do everything we can to assist. Contact us for more details about any courses and to CLICK HERE TO BOOK.



Please contact us for pricing information and if you have an questions, we are continually adding new dates and will happily tailor courses for groups and individuals.

What kit do I need?

Please contact us for a Kit list and Booking form. Some of the kit can be provided so don't worry if you do not have everything. Contact us if you have any queries.



Student/Staff Ratio on all Training courses and events: 4-1


Join in as a tracking team for three days and learn the basic skills and techniques of the ancient art of tracking. The course includes night tracking, river tracking and survival training exercises, along with interactive instruction from Perry. Specifically designed to give an insight into the world of tracking, you can enhance your knowledge and use the course to progress to the 5 day Advanced Tracking and Survival Awareness course.  Meals and tented accommodation are included in the price, along with a few surprises!  This course is aimed at anyone over the age of 16 years and is based in North Yorkshire and, on site, includes meals. Tented accommodation is provided. The course has been created to be portable so it can be delivered anywhere in the UK or overseas within reason and subject to standard considerations. Contact us for further details and to book.


1 DAY - Join Perry in this fascinating subject which is unique to him. Watch and learn how ancient skills are used in urban tracking and put yourself to the test. This One Day 12 hour event is a precursor to the Three Day Urban Tracking Course and you will learn  professional crime scene tracking skills.  As always, there are a few ‘surprises’ along the way and you should not be afraid of heights and the dark! A definite must for anyone already involved in the tracking or in law enforcement.  Contact us for more information.

3 DAY - This three day course is designed as the follow up to the One Day Urban Tracking course and involves group urban tracking a subject through a busy city centre. Using skills already acquired, you will be expected to interact and participate in an exhausting but rewarding three day event surviving and tracking the ‘subject’. A good level of fitness is required.  Contact us for more information and to book.


Learn the best from one of the best. Discover the skills and tactics of tracking in every environment with Perry’s unique one to one training methods. Perry brings his police experience to the activities.  The event includes interactive instruction with a degree of physical involvement. All candidates are expected to be able to swim and carry backpacks for three miles. Basic phonetic radio procedure will be taught, as well as the survival skills and techniques used by professionals in the industry.  This course is based in North Yorkshire, but is designed to be portable and can be delivered anywhere in the UK or overseas within reason and subject to standard considerations. Contact us for further details and to book.



The National Tracking School has designed specific Basic Courses for bushcraft and/or survival skills.  It is aligned to some of the best instructors in the business. The Basic Course is an introductory training weekend where you can interact and learn the basics of bushcraft and survival training, including herbal recognition, fire and food preparation all enhanced by Perry’s unique skills.  Cook and eat what is  around you and keep Perry away from the kitchen!  This course is designed as an excellent step for participants to become survival advisors and learn how to survive anywhere.  The course is based in North Yorkshire and includes on site meals.  Tented accommodation is provided.  It is also designed to be portable and can be delivered anywhere in the UK or overseas within reason and subject to usual considerations.  Contact us for more details and to book.