About Us

The National Tracking School offers a diverse range of services specifically created for purpose. Our aim is bring basic knowledge of survival and tracking skills to all ages, young and old.  If you want to introduce your child to basic survival skills in the great outdoors and sleep under the stars, or learn survival and tracking skills for your own purpose, NTS offers just the course or event.  From courses for corporate clients to the military and law enforcement, this website serves to provide an insight into just what the National Tracking School offers.

The National Tracking School can assist in and develop continuous training and advice in specialised areas of survival and tracking. It is our mission to promote the skills and techniques of tracking and survival to everyone in a safe, enjoyable way.  Training is based on tried and tested facts proven over experience in the field (and for law enforcement purposes, in the courts). The skills demonstrated are gained from an extensive familiarity and a wealth of knowledge increased and honed over the years.

There really is no one with Perry’s unique mix of police background and tracking and survival skills.

 Please feel free to contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements

 “Tracking is free, once you’ve learned how to adopt its techniques. It gets easier and it stays with you until you die.  It’s like riding a bike - once you know how to do it, you don’t forget and its hugely enjoyable.  So go on, give it a try ...remember, ’nothing ventured nothing gained’. 

Good luck and happy tracking” ............... Perry McGee 2012


LATEST UPDATE - Perry has spent the last five years researching and updating his father’s famous book No Need to Die with a new, enhanced version which is due for publication later this year. Cram packed with never seen before real techniques and methods of survival and tracking Complete No Need To Die offers you a fascinating chance to learn how to track and survive in almost every survival situation. Please feel free to contact us for details of how to secure a copy or pre order.


MEDIA - Perry has already worked with the BBC and Sky News in connection with high profile cases.  His skills and advice are available to TV production companies.  Please contact us for more information.