About Us

Out advisors and associates are selected from a diverse background of military and law enforcement operative, all of who have individual specialist skills and abilities. Our core role is to provide the customer with current up to date skills attained from actual experience. The National Tracking School takes its name from its original founder Eddie McGee who established the company back in the 1970s. Eddie McGee was the one of the founders of the survival and tracking industry and took part in many high profile searching incidents, including the search for serial killer Barry Peter Edwards. His son, Perry McGee now holds the mantle and literally follows in his father’s footsteps after a long career as a detective in various specialised police units and has himself become an internationally recognised authority on the art of searching. 


MEDIA AND PRESS –  The National Tracking School has worked with most professional media and press and we welcome their support. We are presently developing a series of products and we can offer technical assistance if required. To make contact please contact info@nationaltrackingschool.com